Samashtti Architects is a full service Architecture and Design firm based in Payyannur, Kannur district. The firm has a broad portfolio of work ranging from residential projects to multi-storey buildings in both public & private sectors.

Samashtti Architects offers innovative design solutions, committed to a sustainable approach, balancing aesthetics, technology and nature. Every client is unique and the design solutions offered represents their individuality.

Samashtti Architects aims to satisfy the particular needs of each individual client, working within an efficient framework in order to provide a high level of comfort and sense of place streamlined with architectural aesthetics.

Samashtti Architects is committed to a sustainable approach and in developing an economically vibrant, easily accessible, visually appealing piece of architecture.

Sustainable design is the thoughtful integration of architecture with the natural environment. In addition to concern for tradition, aesthetics of massing, proportion, scale, texture, shadow and light, Samashtti Architects team is also concerned with long term costs environmental, economic and human factors. Sustainable design is more of a building philosophy than perspective building style.

Our team fills the essence of our soul through learning architecture, the vistas of art, culture and nature. this drives our creative ability and enables us in succeeding the experiments of real architecture.

Our works comes through our passion and love to share it with fellow architects and artists.

At Samashtti, designers aim at guiding the future to sustainability, creating a healthy environment for all inhabitants.

At Samashtti, we believe in learning our client's concerns first hand. This enables us to find a desired and specialized solution created uniquely for our customers.

It was our dream to offer something for society and now its a reality with Samashtti creating various opportunities in the local sector.

How and what we are doing?


Customised listing of requirements formulated with budget constraints for a unique project framework that fits your needs.


Site analysis including survey, testing, zoning and contour analysis to find the best balance between nature and built form.


The creative idea that strings the project to its individuality, represents the essence of the design and places the quantum of development intelligently on the site.


Illustrative sketches, models and computerized renderings to aid the client in visualizing the designs for further discussion.


Refining the approved concept, budget and requested modifications into detailed drawings that define the project for construction.


Assist the client's consultant with tender's interiors furniture designs landscape door/window scheduling.


Organized construction with issued working drawings and technical specifications; also involves drawings for permit application.


Site supervision, labor and material quality control during the fit-out process, addressing your concerns for uncompromised materialization and quality controlling of your project.

Coming together was our begining, keeping together is our promise,

dreaming together is our progress, working together is our success.

Our Projects

To search for optimal solutions to create a built environment that uses the planet's resources carefully. Work that inspire people and transform communities.

About Samashtti

Samashtti is a full service Architecture and Design firm based in Payyannur, Kannur district.

Our mission is not only to create architecture within our clients’ spatial and budgetary needs, but also to deliver a project that is accountable for, and responsive to, the world we live in.

We strive to stay ahead in all that we do by strongly believing in the power of ideas. Our design ideology revolves around designing for people - their interests, behaviours, likes and dislikes.

We provide end to end design and project monitoring solutions to our customers

We hope to surpass customer expectations by providing aesthetic solutions adhering to their needs, requirements and hopes.